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"We Get Real"



Even abortions performed in a modern medical facility are not totally "safe." 
Parents who abort a baby always suffer painful subconscious mental and emotional aftereffects.


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Our Primary Goal is to Distribute Our
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"Talking to God about Pregnancy
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"Our Lives Before Before Birth"

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"The Inner Life of Infants"

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Abortion Blues Book
Case Studies of Women Who Had an Abortion and the Subconscious Psychological Aftereffects They Suffered

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Our Mission

To advance understanding and offer groundbreaking new psychological information about the choice to abort a baby.


The Key Message


Abortion has become a highly politicized, divisive, and explosive topic.  The number of babies that are aborted is staggering; estimated to be 50-70 million babies worldwide each year.


The choice is complicated by the fact that in our selfish societies, in most situations, women are not treated equally or fairly.  As regards pregnancy and raising children, women usually must bear the full caretaker responsibility.  Their feelings and wishes often are downplayed or dismissed by male partners.  The choice to abort a baby is sometimes forced upon a woman.


Nonetheless, except for some rare situations in which a woman's life or health may be in jeopardy, the choice to abort a baby is usually made without regard for the baby.  It disregards the fact that an unborn baby (in any trimester) is a live, sentient, and feeling human being, and the choice terminates a life, often because the baby would be an "inconvenience."


Abortions, when performed in a proper and sanitary medical facility are thought to be "safe" for the pregnant woman.  However, from a psychological standpoint that is never true.  There are always associated negative, subconscious aftereffects (mental and emotional consequences) for both the baby's mother and father.


Jean Mastellone's clairvoyant case studies provide important insights into the subconscious reality of a group of women who have aborted a baby. 


A Special Note


Many who favor a woman's right to abortion see nothing wrong with the abortion procedure, yet, most people in that liberal group are strongly anti-war and protest against the senseless bombing of civilian men, women, and children.  On the other side of this issue, are those who staunchly defend unborn babies' right to live.  Paradoxically, many in that religious-conservative group are pro-war.  They insist that wars are necessary to defend our nation's economic and political interests.  The lack of logic in these paradoxical positions is due to the fact that, at bottom, these opposing positions spring from personal selfishness and selfish thinking.  Self-interested thinking is often illogical and nonobjective.  Selfishness, to one degree or another, is always destructive and self-destructive.


As we choose away from selfishness, issues such as abortion will disappear. 



What You Will Find on this Site

  • Case studies generated by Jean Mastellone, a gifted clairvoyant.  Her observations reveal hidden subconscious psychological factors that negatively affect a parent who has made the choice to abort a child.

  • Challenging and insightful articles on abortion and unborn babies.


Where the Information Came From


The information emerged during a 30-year independent research project.  The objective was to discover the true source of negative human behavior and negative experience. 


Neil Mastellone has directed the project and interacted in the field with many hundreds of deeply troubled and highly reactive "friends."  He freely offered his time and provided understanding about mental, emotional, behavioral, sexual problems, and self-healing. 


Jean Mastellone can see deeply into the human subconscious mind, joined the project and has assisted Neil since 1989.  To date, she has generated over 1200 psychological case studies, including numerous reports about psychological interactions she observed occurring between fetuses, infants, and their mothers and fathers, starting from early inside the womb.



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Read an Abortion Case Study

The following represent a small sampling of the case studies generated by Jean Mastellone.  Additional related case studies are contained in 3 Upfront Press books "Abortion Blues," "Our Lives Before Birth," and "Origins of a Disorder."

click on a name link below to view a PDF Case Study

Women Who Aborted a Baby Case Studies







Read a Fetus Case Study

The following case studies show the psychological sophistication of a group of fetuses in the womb unborn baby case studies that reveal details about the earliest subconscious interpersonal communications and reactions to the selfish choices of parents.

click on a name link below to view a PDF Case Study

Fetuses in-Utero Case Studies

Baby Sheila

Baby Mia

Baby Larry

Baby Leroy



Click Here to Read New Facts
that Emerged from the
Fetuses Case Studies



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Unborn babies are extremely perceptive and psychologically sophisticated. They understand and suffer greatly from their parent's subconscious negative psychological intentions, thoughts, and feelings.


The causes of autism are not biological.  The true causes of autistic symptoms are subconscious, psychological, and parent-related.


Incest is a deeply hidden reality affecting the majority of families.  Reaction to incest underlies every serious mental, emotional, behavioral, and sexual disorder we have investigated.


All of the gays we interacted with admitted to having been sexually abused by both their parents during most of their growing up years.

Double-parent incest plays a hidden role and is the primary source of a homosexual personĺs preference, reactions, and pain.


Cutting-edge information that challenges scientific-medical views that wrongly treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders as "biological diseases."

Coming 2013


Reveals hidden, subconscious, psychological factors causing Alzheimer's symptoms.


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